About Ground Fluor

Ground Fluor Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a biomedical company developing proprietary new chemistry for the synthesis of pharmaceutical compounds, such as Fluorine F-18 Agents for Positron Emitting Tomography (PET) imaging.

  • GFP’s PET products are based on its novel platform technology, SWIFT™, Swift Iodonium Fluorine Tagging. SWIFT chemistry makes it possible to produce F18 radiopharmaceuticals rapidly, in much higher yields, with much higher potency (specific activity) and more reliably than current methods. SWIFT chemistry allows the routine clinical production of agents which cannot be otherwise manufactured economically and reliably.
  • Because the potential of SWIFT as a preparative synthetic process already has been demonstrated with difficult-to-prepare PET agents which previously have shown utility in clinical study, a relatively quick exit is anticipated. GFP’s lead agents already exist; so no medicinal chemistry program is necessary during this A Round.
  • Because the need for improved PET syntheses is widespread, GFP believes it can work with third-parties who would like to exploit the SWIFT chemistry for use with their proprietary compounds; GFP may be able to raise nondilutive funds through research and development agreements with such third parties which may provide a flow of funds into the future through royalties on future sales.

Founding Team - Who We Are

GFP has a seasoned founding team that includes an experienced imaging company CEO, leaders in the fields of fluorine chemistry, radiopharmaceuticals and clinical imaging.

Allan Green, MD, PhD, JD, President and CEO
Allan is the former Medical Director of New England Nuclear/DuPont Medical Products, and former Chief of Nuclear Medicine and MRI at Boston University Medical Center, and has brought imaging products to market.

Stephen DiMagno, PhD, Founder, Director and Chair of the Company’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)
Stephen is the inventor of the SWIFT™ technology and is Professor of Chemistry at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Chair of the Fluorine Division of the American Chemical Society.

Kiel Neumann, PhD, Associate Director, Research and Development
Kiel developed numerous applications of diaryliodonium chemistry working as a doctoral candidate in the DiMagno lab and has led the improvement and automation of the SWIFT(TM) fluorination system for automated modular synthesizers.

Jean-Luc Vanderheyden, PhD, Senior Consultant
Jean-Luc was most recently with GE Molecular and was formerly V.P. Research and Development at Theseus Imaging. He has also worked with the research divisions at Neos, Inc and Mallinckrodt, Inc. developing radiopharmaceutical products.

Philip Fantasia, Senior Manufacturing Consultant
Philip is a veteran of Amersham Radiopharmaceutical operations and has extensive experience in the regulatory oversight of radiopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Lee Simon, MD, Senior Regulatory Consultant
Lee is former Division Director at FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research and is Co-Managing Director of SDG, LLC which supports FDA-regulated industry.